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KH3 Procaine-Hematoporphyrin Product for Revitalization and Regeneration
KH3  i the activator to improve the physical and intellectual performance capabilities.

One capsule contains: Procaine hydrochloride 50mg (stimulates the cell metabolism thus regenerating the organic system), hematoporphyrin 0.2mg (stabilizes and enhances the regenerating effect of procaine), magnesium carbonate 30mg and sodium hydrogen phosphate 0.6mg (are ascribed heart-protective properties by increasing the stress tolerance), potassium chloride 0.6mg, magnesium hydrogen phosphate 0.6mg

Indications KH3: -Reduced physical and mental capacity
                             -Inadequate cerebral circulation and its consequences, such as: disminished memory, reduced concentration.

Dosage: take one capsule daily at breakfast with a little liquid, over a period of five months, with a following interval of two to four weeks.
The course of treatment should be repeated several times. Elderly patients should continue treatment without interruption.

Buy KH3 in Pharmacy Andorra

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